of the services provided by Roobycon Consulting Ltd


1. Basic data of the provider of Roobycon Consulting Ltd’s services and of the owner of the website roobycon.com :

1.1. Company name: Roobycon Consulting Ltd.

1.2. Seat: 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR, United Kingdom

1.3. Company registry nr.: 9004173

1.4. Taxation ID: 51568 14547

1.5. Bank account nr.: IBAN GB41 NWBK 6005 1318 0747 66

1.6. Bank: NatWest

1.7. Representative: Zsuzsanna Rubina Bardoczy director

1.8. E-mail address: info@roobycon.com


2. The User

2.1. Any natural person or legal entity who or which takes the Services by entering into the Contract for the services with Roobycon Consulting Ltd. is considered as a User. The User is obliged to provide the following data:

2.1.1. full name / company name

2.1.2. address/seat

2.1.3. e-mail address

2.1.4. phone number

2.2. Any person who actually participates and takes the Services personally is also considered as a User.

2.3. The Service Provider fulfils its contractual obligations based on the data provided by the Users.

2.4. The Users are fully responsible and reliable for the provided data. The Service Provider is entitled to reject any offer or request for offer that is based on obviously incorrect or invalid personal information or data. The Provider is also entitled to request the certification of the personal data by the User in case of any doubt regarding the correctness of the data. In case the User refuses or fails to certify or validate its provided personal data, then the Provider is entitled to withdraw from the Contract for services. In this case, the Provider is obligated to repay any and all fee paid by the User, and the Parties have no more obligations towards each other.


3. The scope of the Services

3.1. The Service Provider provides the following services for the Users according to the unique contracts for services, with regard to the present GTC, for a fee agreed in the contract for services, upon the Users’ choice and request:

3.1.1.  …to stay in touch

– the training course consists of 6 sessions, 4 hours each (24 hours altogether). The goal of this training is to develop assertive and communication knowledge and skills in small groups.

– the course leader ensures the effectivity of learning in a group sing the method of gaining everyday experience which combines self-assertion and respecting other people’s interests.

– the course helps to develop a non-violent communication and behaviour, and social effectivity in the long-term;

– the course focuses on using assertive communication tools which are easy to learn, developable, and which make it easier to activate communication and social skills in both the private life and at work.

3.1.2. AssertiveStore – workshop

– the workshop consists of 6 sessions, 4 hours each (24 hours altogether). The goal of this workshop is to develop the practical use of assertive and communication skills and behaviour in small groups.

– the changes of communication, behaviour and relations are helped by the method of experience-realization.

– this workshop focuses expressly on practising assertive communication is everyday situations and other scenarios, providing possibilities for participants for an active presence, gaining experience and for strengthening the assertive behaviour.

3.1.3. Do I use time or others?

This course consists of 4 sessions, 5 hours each (altogether 20 hours). This small-group programme approaches the topic of time-management in an unorthodox way, through communication: through the balance of self-management and co-operative assertive communication patterns. The goal of this programme is to create and develop personal time-management competence in which time-management is a combination of technique, tool, method, behaviour and skill.

3.1.4. Dear me, I lead!

– The duration of this leadership training is 24 hours. The course consists of 4 sessions, 6 hours each.

– The goal of the training is to create the basis of a practically usable leadership style and method with a system approach but at the same time with a personal touch. It handles the essential methods of managing and developing manpower, time and resources in context. Beyond “leadership tools” it also covers the behaviour patterns of using these tools. This program focuses on supporting the implantation of these tools and patterns in everyday work.

3.1.5. Coaching

– Number and duration of coaching sessions shall be agreed in the contract for services.

– This program helps to reach the goals of the participant in private life or at work in everyday scenarios using their own natural skills. This program supports the participants to recognize, identify and be able to remove any and all inside barriers that hinder them to reach their goals.

3.1.6. ODP

– The term of organizational development (ODP) program shall be agreed in the contract for services individually

– ODP is executed with an approach through the human side and communication

– The goal of this program is to successfully implant people and system-, process-, and other technological development in operating organizations and to help the organization to be able to adapt the changes.

3.2. The Provider warrants that the Services are in compliance with the relevant legal provisions and professional standards.

3.3. The Provider keeps the Users informed about the actual possibilities of taking the Services, and the contact details at the website roobycon.com.

3.4. It is strictly forbidden to take the Services unlawfully. Especially, but not exclusively, the following are considered as taking the Services unlawfully:

– behaviour or activity that is illegal, humiliating, discriminative, or supports violence, or any other illegal activity.

– behaviour or activity that threatens public order or the lawful rights and interests of the Provider and its affiliates, owners, partners, or other Users

– acquiring illegal access to other computer systems

– to stop other Users from taking the Services

– violation against the rulings regarding the usage of public electronic networks

– to disturb or interfere the system, network or websites related to roobycon.com

– to acquire, save, keep, copy or distribute any documents or data that is under copyright or protected by other intellectual property rights, without the consent of the owner of such rights

3.5. The User is fully liable for any damages caused by unlawfully using the Services.


4. General rules of entering into an individual contract for services

4.1. The User may hand in his/her/its request for taking the Services of the Provider (hereinafter referred to as: Application or Entry) in writing, via e-mail or post.

4.2. Application:

4.2.1. The Users are responsible and reliable for the correctness of their data. In case their data may be changed, the Users are obliged to report such change to the Provider in 5 working days if a Contract for services is in effect, or otherwise at the next Application. This report shall be executed in e-mail to the address info@roobycon.com The Provider is also entitled to delete the Application if it is reasonably supposable that the User has violated the GTC or the relevant legal regulations.

4.2.2. During the Application, the User provides the basic data of its order, and its requested personal data (name, e-mail address, phone number, etc.). Based on this data, the Provider informs the User about the rules of the present GTC and the Privacy Policy of the Provider.

4.2.3. The individual orders shall be handed in by the Users in writing via e-mail or post.

4.2.4. The Provider confirms the Application and accepts the order by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address of the User as provided during the registration, and also sends the draft of the individual contract for the Service attached to that e-mail.

4.2.5. The individual contract for services shall become binding, effective and valid for the Parties if the User sends the signed contract for services back to the Provider via post and scaned via e-mail, and pays the full amount of the fee for services on time according to the invoice to the Provider. The fee is considered fully paid if the full amount of it is credited into the Provider’s account.

4.2.6. The Provider informs the User about the entering into effect as well as the conditions of the single contract via e-mail.

4.3. The individual contract for services is terminated by the mutual fulfilment by the parties, or by the unilateral termination (withdrawal) by any of the parties and the settlement of accounts by the parties.

4.4. The User is entitled to unilaterally withdraw from individual contract for services before the fulfilment of contractual obligations is commenced mutually by the parties. The User is obliged to compensate any and all damages of the Provider arising from such termination (withdrawal).

4.5. The User is not entitled to withdraw from the single contract after the Provider started the fulfilment of the contractual obligations with the consent of the User, unless the Provider agrees with such withdrawal. Such consent of the User is considered granted if no withdrawal is received by the Provider before starting the fulfilment of the contractual obligations (such as the training, consulting or the mentoring).

4.6. The User is entitled to cancel the actual session detailed in the single contract for services free of charge 72 hours in advance. In this case, the Provider provides another date for the session without any further extra payment. In case of cancelling in less than 72 hours, the Provider provides the User another date if requested, but the fee for the cancelled session must be paid by the User.

4.7. The User may exercise its right of withdrawal in writing, by sending an e-mail to the Provider’s e-mail address info@roobycon.com . The User is obliged to do its best to inform the Provider about the cancellation a.s.a.p., and to reduce the costs and damages caused by the cancellation.


5. Fees and payment

5.1. The fee of the actual services (Fee) and the method of the payment shall be detailed in the individual contract for services between the parties.

5.2. The Fee must be paid by the User according to the provisions of the single contract for services based on the Application of the User upon the invoice of the Provider, in advance, by wire transfer in the deadline included in the invoice, to the bank account of the Provider. If the User fails to pay in deadline, the single contract does not enter into effect, unless the differing statement of the Provider.

5.3. The payment is fulfilled when the full amount of the Fee is credited into the Provider’s bank account.

5.4. The User shall acknowledge and certify the performance of contractual obligations by the Provider in writing, when the single contract is closed.

5.5. In case of doubt or debate, the User making the contract for services and the User actually and personally taking the Services have joint and several liability for paying the Fee to the Provider.


6. Statement of the User

6.1. The User acknowledges and accepts the regulations present GTC and the Privacy Policy as legally binding, and admits to be liable and responsible for breaching their provisions.

6.2. The User takes obligation to pay the Fee of Services to the Provider.

6.3. By accepting the GTC, the User takes obligation not to use the Services for the violation of any other persons’ rights and lawful interests. The Provider reserves the right of refusal regarding the Services for Users who fail to fulfil contractual obligations or have overdue payment obligations towards the Provider.

6.4. The User hereby states that the User wishes to take the Services of the Provider based on and according to the conditions in the present GTC and the single contract for services.


7. Liability of the User

7.1. By the Application, the User acknowledges that the User is liable and responsible for any claim or damage by any third person, that arises in connection of the Services and caused by or is related to the misconduct or wrongful conduct of the User. This liability stretches for all damages, costs arising from all possible procedures, claims, etc. The User takes obligation to enter into and replace the Provider in any and all such procedure.

7.2. The Provider takes obligation to inform the User about any and all claim and procedure that may affect the above obligation of the User in writing.


8. Dispute resolution, competence

8.1. The Provider states that its goal is to provide the Services for the Users of satisfactory, and not to exercise legal claims against the Users, therefore the Provider will try to solve any possibly arising debate with the Users amicably by negotiations.

8.2. If the amicable dispute resolution may be unsuccessful, then the competent courts and authorities of Hungary (based on the place of fulfilment of the actual contract for services) shall be entitled to judge the debate between the parties based on the legal regulations of Hungary. By the first Application, the User acknowledges and accepts the present provision.


9. Protection of intellectual property, and the website of the Provider

The Provider is the sole owner of the roobycon.com website and the Services, and the Provider is the beneficiary of all intellectual property rights based on which the Provider is entitled to dispose of any and all aspects of the website and the Services. The Users are obligated to observe the relevant legal regulations as well as the provisions of the GTC, and the Users are prohibited to impair the rights and reputation of the Provider and all other Users.

The users are:

– prohibited to use the website for any illegal goals, or any other goal than its personal use regarding fulfilment of the contract; it is strictly forbidden to copy, download, distribute the content of the website;

– prohibited to stop or restrict other Users from using the website

– prohibited to alter the content of the website without consent of the Provider

– prohibited to disturb the safety of the website

– prohibited to use the website for sending spam, chain messages, viruses, or other dangerous programs

– prohibited to alter or fake the identity of other Users


10. Amendment of the GTC

The Provider reserves the right to unilaterally amend the present GTC, and takes obligation to inform all Users about such amendment. The amended GTC enters into effect upon the User’s next Application, when the User must expressively accept the new GTC.


11. Miscellaneous provisions

11.1. In case the User may have any complaint regarding the Services or its contract for services, then the complaint may be sent to the Provider by first class registered mail to the seat of the Provider or by e-mail to info@roobycon.com . The Provider inspects the complaint in 30 days and grants a written answer to the complaint. In the answer, the Provider replies to the complaint in detail, and also informs the User about its possibilities if the answer is not acceptable by the User.

11.2. Regarding the Services, and the GTC, including the statement according to sections 5.§ (1) and 3.§ (2) a) of the Act on freedom of information and the self-determination of information rights (Act CXII of 2011), the parties accept e-mails sent to the e-mail address of the User provided at registration, and the e-mail address of the Provider (info@roobycon.com) as written form of messages. Unless proven differently, the time of receipt of such messages shall be the time when such message is sent.

11.3. The Parties mutually accept that the provisions of the present GTC are applicable for any issue that is not detailed in the single contract for services between the parties.

11.4. In any matters not stipulated in the present GTC, the provisions of the Hungarian legal regulations, especially the Hungarian Civil code, the 17/1999 Governmental Decree and Act CVIII of 2001 are binding and applicable.


Dear Users,

If You have any questions or suggestions regarding the present GTC, the Services of Roobycon Consulting Ltd. or the website roobycon.com, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@roobycon.com .

The Roobycon Consulting Ltd

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