„Crossing the Rubicon” - in a number of languages this idiom refers to an important and irrevocable decision. It refers to what and how we are going to do now and in the future.

All decisions include some risks on the one hand and opportunities on the other. These cases make it necessary for us to continuously obtain information, learn and cultivate ourselves, which after all means life long learning, realized in our everyday life. It is our aim and priority to improve particularly those personal skills which are required for making “good” decisions, and to help people who turn to us for such an aid.

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Our last year in numbers

December 2015


Carbon free website

August 2015


The Roobycon Consulting Ltd. has reviewed its greenhouse gas emissions arising from its activities in the year 2014. The review was based on PAS 2060 and the relevant international methodologies.

The audit resulted in the Roobycon footprint of nearly 5 tonnes of CO2 in over a year. Roobycon Ltd. neutralised its carbon emissions by purchasing the appropriate amount of carbon credits for the year 2014. Direct and indirect carbon dioxide emissions resulting from our activities have been saved in Sofala Community Carbon project. The Roobycon Ltd.’s activities are globally certified carbon neutral as stated in our certification.


"Oh, My God! I'm a manager!"

April 2013

montázsI see management in a non-traditional sort of light. Most of the time we do not even realize how many times we become a leader or how often we step into the role of a leader or take on leadership tasks and functions. Simply put, for me, genuine leadership is manifested in the simultaneous presence of both support and guidance. It can be realized only in your own personal way. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a full-time mother, a multi-company employee, or the one who arrived to the self-actualization stage in his or her life. In this program the methods are non-traditional, as we seek the solutions together with the participants in what way they can apprehend their individual leaderships in their everyday practice.


April 2013

April set in a stirring and joyful manner. The mentor-programme under the supervision of Seed, which was especially designed to aid entrepreneurs, has been launched. Both the mentored ones and the mentors were looking forward to their first meeting rather eagerly, which finally took place - according to our plan - quite extraordinarily. It was unconventional for the mentors since this was their group’s first event together, and also for the future-pairs of each mentor and his or her mentored one, since it was the first time they had ever met. In brief, the meeting could be considered as their first ‘date’. This gave us the idea that the very first impression, which is supposed to establish mutual trust and sympathy in the sparkle of the very first moment, should be arranged in the course of a Mentor-Rendezvous. The goal was, after all, to provide them a proper opportunity to encounter each other for the very first time. The initial and naturally reserved moments after arriving and awaiting, prior to the programme, were soon dissolved when they were sipping a nice cup of aromatic tea or delicious coffee.

At the introduction it was intentional on our part to be less conventional - in order to create the appropriate circumstances for the future-couples’ successful meeting. We also meant to aid the mentored ones in such a way that their first and rather significant questions could be taking shape as well, which would later help them find their mentors.

These questions then could be put to the mentors in the course of a short discussion-section which is known as ‘rapid-rendezvous’. And there were ample questions. For nearly one hour the air was vibrating, and the demand for knowing became palpable. And as it is often the case with new acquaintances, questions bore new questions. These first conversations were like the first steps they took towards each other, which would create the ground for the establishment of mentor-mentored one pairs and also for their future cooperation.

As well as them, the mentor-programme itself took its first steps in order to assist parents with small children in their efforts to launch their business and be re-integrated into the labour-market.

Exploring wanderers on the chariots of the apostles

March 2013

’My two good feet will take me there in due time,

I’m guided by steeples of the churches, by warble of streams, by routes of flocks.

Let’s lumber on, you and me, as the wheel of time turns, and on the chariots of the apostles.’

All settlements have secrets to be discovered. Therefore the explorers set off together for the journey in small groups to explore places where the clues to the settlement’s secrets are hidden. When their journey ends they will have to be able to answer numerous questions, i.e. to reveal the secrets.

The exploring wanderers certainly have really strict rules to keep in mind, which are among others:

• that they are not allowed to carry with themselves anything apart from an ash to walk with, scones ’baked in embers’, some fresh water, and pen and ink
• it is also forbidden for them during their journey of exploration to use any other equipment /GPS; mobile; etc./
• they must under all conditions stay together while on the road
• they must also keep the secrets they reveal to themselves until they reach the meeting point

As we know John of Nepomuk patron saint of all wanderers will never abandon the explorers. All will receive from him guiding messages that will help them to the discovery of secrets. This way all of them will have some essential knowledge at their disposal.

The target of our programme is to function as a kind of completion both entertaining and useful to a variety of organizational events. In the course of the programme participants will have a chance to rely on their own personal resources as well as on their innate abilities neither discovered nor used yet, and will experience the joy of a child to discover them. Its most important feature, however, is that it takes place in real time and place as well as in a real situation, and will bear real solutions.

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The programme "Return to work" has been launched

March 2013

This time we were cooperating with mothers considering their return to the world of labour as entrepreneurs. It soon turned out that there were a wide range of ideas as well as expectations as regarded enterprises both existing already or to be launched in the future. They all, however, unanimously agreed that it was by all means essential to know how to obtain all necessary details and information needed to make decisions as for how to continue.

This unconventional programme was meant to create such an atmosphere that would encourage participants to ask questions that had never been asked and/or answered before. Mutual trustfulness and rapport were very soon developed among those who participated and had never met one another previously. The questions that were first asked shyly and hesitantly were quickly succeeded by more and more personal ones, bringing up topics that were unique and yet connecting to problems of others as well.

As regards communication the following important topics were discussed:

- The picture these participating women had of their own enterprises, as for their new roles and the way they were communicated both to the family and to other members of the market.

- Necessary resources, including their own personality as one of the main resources of the enterprise.

- How to reinforce self-confidence with the help of one’s own personal resources.

During our coffee and tea breaks while sipping at our drinks, the topics were continuously discussed and elaborated on, and individual concepts and ways of how to realize them were verified. Thus our mutual goal, which indeed was to provide participants with assistance in making further decisions concerning their enterprises, was by all means achieved.

...in order to keep in tuch

March 2013

As part of our programme launched at the beginning of March, two events have already taken place. All members have made contact with each other, and the programme itself has also been acknowledged by all the participants. Despite the fact that it has just been launched, genuine trustfulness and rather extensive team-work characterize the small group.

When treating one particular topic it is always the individual’s personal first-hand experiences that provide real excitement for proper learning. What really makes it varied is that these experiences come from all areas of their private and professional life, and also that the participants are of different ages.

I myself also find it all very exciting since all that happens in a session is formed by the participants’ interactions. Every occasion has something unique to offer for all of us, thus making it even more worth keeping in touch within the framework of the group.


March 2013

In today’s world, developing as well conducting mentoring activities and mentor-programmes are in the forefront of attention again. The two main reasons that explain this are the need continuously to improve human resources and the changes regarding costs of training. We also often participate in the training of mentors both as developers and mentors, in the field of mentoring which is clearly in a period of revival. It may either concern mentoring procedures within an organization, mentor-programmes of a foundation supporting small enterprises, or initiatives of alumni members at universities, willing to help active students.

We are committed to assist processes which assess the opportunities of passing on the extant knowledge and experience so that others could also make use of them.

The secret of Mayflower manor

February 2013

Our latest programme on offer is an intellectual adventure, which is a collective problem-solving task with lots of fun, conjuring up images of Agatha Christie’s, Georges Simenon’s and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional worlds.

Finding out about the enigmas as well as the thrill of searching for their explanations impress not only those who are familiar with classic crime stories, but also those who aren’t.

Apart from the spirit of Poirot, Miss Marple, Sherlock or Colombo, a cup of delicious coffee or aromatic tea will also help focus on investigating and tracing back the clues. And eventually all secrets will be revealed… and not only mysteries about the manor but about the secrets of cooperation, problem-solving and decision-making as well.

On the first occasion we also were at least as nervous as the participants, yet the reason for our anxiety was somewhat different. During the developing process we were already certain of how stunning our new project would probably turn out, and we became more and more convinced in the course of finalizing it that it would definitely be a superb one.

One of the first positive feedbacks was when after 20 minutes on the very first occasion the teams were cooperating as marvellously as if they had always been doing so. In fact, they had just been introduced and had never seen one another before. Prior to the adventure-tour, while they were still introducing themselves shortly, we learned about how nervous some of them had just been due to lack of a parking place or due to potential fear of being late. Despite all these, all the participants managed to get deeply involved in the excitement of the task, and the outer world seemed to dissolve rather quickly into thin air. The session of evaluation and discussion also stimulated great interest. After the event officially closed, it took us another one hour actually to get it over. That really felt like a proper feedback.

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Dear Zsuzsa,

During the team building with you we had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things. All the exciting and interesting exercises really helped the managerial colleagues forming a team at Faktoring Zrt. Based on my experiences at our team building I asked you to hold a management training as well. The rightness of my decision was clearly proved at the closing of the course. The staff involved was able to acquire knowledge and skills at an accelerated pace that proved to be useful at their everyday work. Your personal advices highlighted some areas needed to be improved. According to the feedbacks from my colleagues, I was sure that your trust was fully won. All the feedbacks you formed during our work together were very important for me personally, as well.

I look forward to our cooperation in the future and I wish you much succes!

Best wishes,

Szász János / vezérigazgató


Zsuzsa has been our trainer for the last three years at Asia Center.

Her professional knowledge and innovative personality guided us in our process to develop a balanced and well-functioning organization. In this rapidly changing global environment we often rely on Zsuzsa, who helps with her suggestions concerning recruitment, system-development as well as the development of internal communication.

Her professional expertise and her special ability to form fragments into one completed piece made our cooperation full and well-adjusted.

Eszter Sós / Business-development manager



The Roobyccon Consulting Ltd. was involved in our organization development programme at HP Hungary Kft. at our vasvár-rábahídvégi premises. The division responsible for the business background process decided to hire an external consultant to be able to monitor organizational changes after the HP-EDS merger and manage conflicts arising as a result of the fusion.

As the project was completed successfully I can fully recommend Roobycoon Consulting Ltd. to anyone interested in, and is in need of consultation and support.

Ildikó Kupi Wesselyné / Organisational Development Project Manager

As the HR manager of Cargill Magyarország Zrt. my task was to find the trainer in Hungary who would be able to adapt the American leadership program base training so as the inner essence would not change. Our utmost aim was that the training had to include the same information as it had already done around the globe in 68 other countries. Meanwhile, it had to be adapted and shaped to the Hungarian processes. I met Zsuzsa during the preparatory phase and I was sure, after our first one-hour meeting, that she was the most capable trainer for the training of our staff. The participants were very positive about the training and they considered Zsuzsa as a well prepared and expert trainer who always paid attention to the participants. They regarded her a trainer who was friendly but strict at the same time and did her job whole heartedly. I am thankful for Zsuzsa for helping our staff became confident and effective in their chosen positions, for making them aware of the fact that they are not only executing task workers but responsible and successful leaders, as well.

Gabriella Fekete-Szalóky / HR Manager

Cargill Grain Oilseed Supply Chain Europe

As HR manager of a group of companies that employ nearly 400 employees I was privileged to become acquainted with Zsuzsa Bardóczy as a trainer.

It was by no means the first managerial skill-development training I had attended; however, it indeed turned out to be an exciting journey as she made me leave my intellectual comfort- zone, my good old, reliable, convenient and well-established mental structures behind.

During the training I managed to answer my own questions by myself indirectly, through understanding myself - and with Zsuzsa’s help.

She controlled all that was happening with utmost care, understanding, and discretion, but at the same time determinedly. I must thank you for being patient enough to mind intent on all the problems and also as long as we could reach some kind of relief. Thank you also for calling our attention to realize just how much we still need to do and want to do - so that things could be different.

Just now I have asked Zsuzsa for her active contribution to the improvement of the structural and managerial efficiency concerning our group of companies.

During the preparation period I personally was rather undecided and vague as how to capture just “what exactly was wrong” or “what should be changed” within the organisation in my opinion. We spent hours on end with Zsuzsa discussing, and my previous doubts were soon dissolved, and the consultation was illuminating and inspiring for me as regards my personal development, since it provided me with the opportunity to gain professional engrossment as well as calm inner observations and fruitful reflections.

Zsuzsa, with her sophisticated, refined devices and warm-hearted nature, created an open, tolerant and supportive atmosphere for all this.

Anita Simon / HR manager, Somló-Group




Roobycon team

Ágnes Parnaki - English Language Mentor

"For me this group embodies professionalism and authenticity. I am happy to belong here."

Ákos Zsolt Nagy - Trainer/Coach

"In this group all is present: knowledge and experience and dynamism. Moreover, we already understand each other from fragments of words."

Károly Szegedi - Trainer/Coach

"For me, this team is a real team, its members are colourful and diversified just as their knowledge as their ages. That is why we complete each other. But there is something we share, and that is we are all dependable and trustworthy in our jobs and as humans."

Zoltán Fehér - Training, Technical Assistant

"As the member of the team, I get the opportunity to trigger situations, where participants have no other choice, but to start thinking outside the box; this provides them with the most powerful tool to discover their hidden potentials. Being part of such process truly an uplifting experience!"


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